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What you should know about progressive glasses

It's an unavoidable fact of life that as we mature, our eyes do as well and for many of us reading the fine print involved in everyday life becomes a little more challenging, making glasses essential accessories. Unsightly bifocal or trifocal lenses used to be the only way of dealing with the conflicting issues of seeing well at both long and short distances. Not anymore! At Express Glasses we carefully make up your prescription for progressive lenses in attractive frames that flatter your eyes and make a fashion statement

How progressive glasses make your eyes look fantastic

progressive glasses framesProgressive multifocal lenses don't just look great - they are actually better than bifocals for the health of your eyes. Their progressive corridors of vision gently and naturally correct presbyopia, or short-sightedness. Your eyes look and feel better, regaining their old sparkle, especially when outlined by our attractive choice of frames at Express Glasses. The lenses in our progressive glasses give you a seamless range of sight at all distances, using just a slight alteration of your line of gaze. With a prescription from your eyecare practitioner, we expertly make up your lenses, giving you perfect and natural vision without any of the image jumping that is common with bifocals. With modern technology, progressive lenses now fit into all types of frames, creating attractive glasses for all your needs. At Express Glasses, we have frames you'll love to wear, whether you prefer the look of large glasses, or small glasses. Using our in-house technology and skills, we are able to create high-quality products at attractive prices you'll love as much as your frames.

Attractive frames for progressive lenses

Our Express Glasses website is user-friendly, with plenty of filters to make choosing frames for your progressive lenses fast and fun. It takes just a few clicks to totally create your glasses online, and once we've received your order we guarantee to ship it within 24 hours. We're so sure you'll love our glasses, that we offer an added incentive of free shipping on orders over 50 dollars.