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Finding cheap bifocals at Express Glasses

Bifocal glasses, as the name implies, provide two different types of lens powers. They are commonly used by people who have presbyopia, a condition that often affects people over age 40. At that point, the lens of the eye is losing elasticity, and you begin to lose the ability to focus on objects that are near to you. You may find yourself holding the newspaper farther and farther away in order to focus on the type, while objects at a distance remain in relatively clear focus. Bifocals let you see both near and far clearly, by using different areas of the lens for each type of focus. Bifocals are also used for children or younger adults to alleviate chronic eye strain or issues with focusing, particularly for reading. They are also sometimes used to treat myopia or nearsightedness in children.

How do bifocal glasses work?

cheap bifocal glassesThe bottom part of the lens (or "seg") is used to provide focus for near objects (within 18 inches of the eye), while the rest of the lens is used for distance viewing. The area of the lens used for near focus varies in shape according to the type of glasses. Bifocal lenses can be ordered with most types of frames from round glasses to cat eye glasses. The seg may appear as a half moon, rounded or rectangular area, or represent the full lower half of the lens. Bifocal glasses provide a wide range of vision for all applications and they can be prescribed for the distances you use everyday - such as the usual distance to your computer screen or other equipment. They offer a practical solution to specific vision problems for both adults and children.

Find stylish bifocals cheap at Express Glasses

No matter what your style, you'll find bifocals and other quality glasses at affordable prices at Express Glasses online. Choose from a selection of value-priced designs with up to date style. Once you have made your choice, you'll receive the benefits of quick, one-daydelivery. With prices like this, you can afford to get a spare pair - and benefit from free shipping on orders over 50 dollars.

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