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Rectangular frames look best on who?

Although the purpose of glasses is to help you see better, the right color and shade can have a huge impact on the way you look - accentuating your strong points, diverting attention away from insecurities, and making you look more attractive overall. For example, choosing the correct glasses for a round face can make it appear longer and thinner. Rectangular frames are basically wider than they are tall. They come in various styles: sharp-edged frames convey a modern, architectural look, while more rounded rectangular edges give a softer, more understated look. Rectangular frames are great for round faces. The equal length and width of a round face can cause it to appear smaller than it is. A rectangular frame makes the face appear longer and thinner.

Choose the best rectangular frames to suit your face

rectangular framesIf you're a glasses-wearer, the frames can completely make or break your look. They may well be essential for your sight, but they double up as an accessory all the same, so choosing the correct frames is extremely important. Generally rectangular frames suit people with a rounded face better - that is, full and without strong angles and lines. The best way to counteract this roundness is by adding a strong frame with bold lines. The face's natural curves need to have contrast added to make the face appear thinner and longer. If you have a round face, choose glasses that are wider than they are tall, as the frames give the impression of a thinner face. Check out our range of women's frames for some great rectangular frames

High-quality glasses, shipped the same day

The styles of rectangular frames range from soft, rounded edges to sharp, angular lines, so you can choose the ideal pair for your look. We offer frames in a variety of materials, from plastic, carbon fiber or titanium, and in a choice of styles like full, rimless, or half-rims, allowing the smart look of a rectangular frame to highlight your look in a wonderful way. Whatever frames you settle on, you can be sure of a speedy delivery service and a high-quality product. We offer glasses for men, women, and children. With unbeatable prices, you can be sure of a pair that suits your face and your pocket.