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Style icons for almost anyone

The classic look of Wayfarers was born in the 1950s among yachtsmen, navigators, greasers and bad boys. It has been in style continuously from the 1950s and 1980s right up until today. Teens and grandfathers wear the same iconic style sunglasses that JFK wore while vacationing in Florida, and the trend doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Considering your face shape for the style of your sunglasses will help you look your best, and it will provide a hot style accessory that will make you feel amazing. Wayfarers have a square, rectangular look that looks best on an opposite face shape, such as an oval face or long face. The square frames will make your long face appear smaller and rounder, while square frames on an oval face will complement the oval form perfectly.

Wayfarer's for men and women

wayfarersWayfarers are functional as well as the epitome of cool, and always a great choice for men and women alike as they suit a range of face shapes and sizes. Oval faces can wear basically any style of sunglasses - lucky for them! Since Wayfarers are square framed, those with square faces should avoid them because it would make a square face appear even more square - which is not what many people are looking for when they shop to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses. Check out the Women's section and Men's section of Express Glasses to find yours!

Find your perfect pair of sunglasses

Remember, as a general rule, all you have to do to find a great pair of sunglasses that make you feel confident and cool is to consider your face shape and find frames that are the opposite shape. So whether it's Wayfarers or any other pair of high-quality sunglasses you're looking for, we at Express Glasses offer free shipping on orders over $50 and fast one day delivery so you can take off to the beach in your new shades or just walk through downtown like it's your catwalk.