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Are night vision glasses safe for driving ?

Night vision glasses have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, but are they really safe for driving? Most night driving glasses are designed to be worn alone or over prescription glasses. Drivers report that the yellow or amber polarized or tinted lenses help to cut glare from headlights. Often, users feel that they improve their vision after dark but in fact, the reverse is true. They may be something of a fashion statement, but night glasses with colored lenses can actually be detrimental to the wearer's ability to see clearly. Those yellow lenses can sometimes prove to be an effective way to cut glare in daylight if it is foggy or overcast. However, they also reduce the amount of light that reaches the eye and should not be worn after sunset. If the glare from oncoming or passing headlights really is an issue, you should consult your optometrist. This can often be a sign of cataracts or other underlying eye problems that can be corrected with the right prescription lenses.


Explore alternatives to night driving glasses at Express Glasses

Of course, there are alternatives to night vision glasses that will ensure that you're safe while you are driving. For people who already wear corrective lenses or spectacles, Express Glasses recommends glasses with clear lenses that have an anti-reflective (AR) coating for night driving. Unlike yellow tinted glasses, clear lenses don't reduce your visibility on gloomier stretches of road. The AR coating helps to cut reflections within the lens and minimizes halo effect. It also ensures that more light is transmitted to the eye. If you don't wear prescription lenses it's best to avoid night driving glasses at all. Yellow lenses and anti-reflective coating only work to correct problems that are already there. However, if you feel that your vision has altered in any way while driving at night you should speak with your eye doctor. They can suggest the right course of action and, should you need corrective lenses, you'll find an excellent range to choose from at Express Vision. Not only can you confidently pick the correct glasses for night or day from a vast selection of fashionable and affordable frames, you can count on speedy delivery too !