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Guard Against Scratches by using a Glasses Cleaner

All glasses owners should take a little time, ideally at least once a week, to keep their lenses in peak condition. That way, their glasses will stay clear for longer without accumulating the dust and scratches that can render them unusable. However, there are some useful points to remember - whenever you clean your glasses - to avoid unintentionally damaging them during the cleaning process. Firstly, try to avoid using the first piece of fabric that comes to hand. Your shirt sleeve may be convenient, but the fabric could damage the lenses and even spread more dust across them. Similarly, saliva might seem to do the trick, but it actually won't work nearly as well as a specialist glasses cleaner. Also, before you start cleaning use a little water to will remove any larger particles of dirt, which can cause visible scratches on your lenses which interfere with your vision. After you have dabbed a little water over each lens, you can move onto cleaning your glasses thoroughly.

Keep Your Glasses in the Best Possible Condition

glasses cleanerMany people recommend using soap and warm water but, at Express Glasses, we recommend using specialist glasses cleaners to do the job. Soap is easy to use but won't provide a deep clean for your lenses. Many dirt particles will remain, causing tiny scratches to the glass. When you buy a glasses cleaner kit, you will receive everything you need to keep your favorite glasses at their best. The microfiber lens cleaning cloth allows you to remove dust and dirt gently, while the specially formulated glasses cleaning solution cleanses the lens without adding any additional impurities. When you clean your glasses regularly, the difference can be really noticeable. Instead of becoming murky, lenses stay pure and clear for years, it just takes a little tender loving care and the right cleaning products. If you are worried about keeping your glasses clean, Express Glasses can send a cleaning kit to you directly and, when you buy a pair of sunglasses or reading glasses, add some cleaner and you will be able to keep them in top condition for years to come.