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Do I need glasses ? Test yourself

Sometimes worsening eyesight can creep up on us without being noticed. We tend to adjust to slowly deteriorating vision, making it hard to tell when we start to need glasses or a new prescription. However, by that stage, your vision could have become bad enough to make activities like driving dangerous, so it's worth paying close attention to  how well your eyes are working. If you are wondering 'do I need glasses', there are some ways that you can test yourself without a trip to the optometrist. One sure sign that you need glasses is when reading and computer usage becomes steadily harder. You may still be able to see text or graphics clearly, but reading can become progressively more tiring. Computer users also commonly develop neck pain from bending close to their screens. If this sounds like you, it's probably time for a test.


Go Online to Test Your Eyesight

Online tests can give you an idea of how well your eyes are performing. For example, there are online versions of the famous Snellen Eye chart (the list of letters that we are all familiar with from visits to the optometrist). These tools work by steadily reducing the size of a line of letters, until they become almost impossible to read. You'll have to make sure that your head stays the same distance from the computer screen (no cheating!), and if you do, you should get a good idea of how good your vision is.


Pick the Right Glasses

If you keep asking yourself 'do I need glasses' test your vision to find out for sure. Another way to test your eyesight is to head outside and take twenty paces from a road sign. If the sign isn't crystal clear, glasses may well be needed. Tests like this can tell you whether you have issues with short or long-sightedness. If you do, the next step is to make an appointment and get a prescription. After that, log onto the Express Glasses store and find a pair or two of glasses that suit your style and needs. We will add lenses to fit your prescription and send them to you the very same day. That way, you can sort out your vision problems with a minimum amount of fuss.