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Choose the Ideal Glasses for your Favorite Sport

Not all of us are blessed with perfect vision, which can make it difficult to enjoy sports like football or baseball. If you are a sports lover, instead of swinging blind, why not choose a pair of glasses designed specifically for sports? That way, you can perform at your best and protect your eyes at the same time. The right type of sport glasses depends upon which sport you enjoy.

sport glassesIf you are a cyclist, it makes sense to pick a pair of wraparound sunglasses that will remain stable at high speeds and reduce glare from the road. You might also need prescription lenses to see road signs accurately. For baseball batters and fielders, it's important to eliminate glare, but it's also important to include shatter proof lenses. Then there's tennis, where light weight frames are really important, or golf, where polarized glasses help to deal with long periods spent in the sunshine. You could even choose waterproof prescription goggles for swimming. It all depends upon what kind of sports you plan to play. Generally, lighter, high performance sunglasses are ideal and you'll find plenty to choose from at Express Glasses.





Be as Competitive as Possible With Sport Glasses

Having the right glasses can make a huge difference to sporting performance, particularly if you have a prescription. At Express Glasses, we can have prescription sport glasses ready to ship the same day you place your order. You can choose from a number of different frame and lens shapes and select exactly the right kind of sunglasses for your sport. Submitting your personal prescription is simple and fast and, before you know it, you will be taking to the field with better vision than ever. You'll be able to make better contact with pitches, see the green more keenly and return fast serves with ease. Even better, we make high quality glasses available at affordable prices, with free shipping on deliveries over $50. If you love to cycle and play baseball, why not buy a couple of pairs? One could have extra protection, while the other could shield against glare and scratches. Whatever you need, find something in our range to boost your performance.

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