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Drive in Comfort and Safety With the Right Pair of Glasses

Almost all of us need to drive, whether we do so on a daily basis or occasionally. This can present significant problems for anyone with imperfect vision as driving is extremely demanding on the eyes. Not only do you have to keep track of other cars, road markings and signs, but there are speedometers and fuel gauges to read as well. Without the right glasses, driving isn't just difficult, it's dangerous too. At Express Glasses, we can find you the perfect glasses to make motoring a breeze.

Drive comfort glasses

How to Select Your Driving Glasses

When you are picking the best driving glasses for you, there are plenty of things to think about. For one thing, it's better to have glasses with an anti-reflective coating. This helps to deal with reflected light from snow and surface water. Polarized filters are also handy, helping to cut back on glare and allowing you to see colors in greater clarity. This is a big help when reading road signs. Driving glasses should also be easy to clean, with water and dirt repellent surfaces if possible (and it's also worth investing in a cleaning kit to do the job properly). Frame shape is another factor. Glasses for driving are usually slender, with frames that don't distract the driver. They tend to have curved lenses and also provide a high level of peripheral vision. Lighter glasses and frames with extra cushioning for the nose are also common. The best driving glasses are also extremely stable and won't slip around as you drive. This helps to make them easy to wear for long periods, unlike poorly designed products that can contribute to headaches or eye fatigue.

Buy the Ideal Eyewear and Hit the Road With Confidence

If you need eyewear for driving, you can find the best driving glasses at great prices at the Express Glasses online store. We can add your prescription to any frame shape, with polarized lenses and plenty of other features to help drivers get around safely and comfortably. All of our glasses are shipped on the same day they are ordered and you can also enjoy free shipping on orders over $50. There's no easier way to find the perfect glasses for driving.