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Shopping for the right glasses for your face at Express Glasses

If you consider your face a canvas, glasses add an element of line and shape. The first step to finding suitable glasses is to take a good look at your face and try and note not only the overall shape but the kinds of lines within your face. Are they long and straight? Rounded? Angular? The basic rule is this: like accentuates like, while opposites create a contrast. If you begin with a good assessment of your own face, it can help you decide which strategy to use. If you have a round face, do you want to accentuate that aspect, or do you want to achieve a more balanced overall look?

Matching your face to your eyeglass style

Once you have decided on your look, the choice becomes clearer. Most people prefer a balanced approach, which means that glasses and shape of the face complement each other. Where round glasses will accentuate a round face, a thinner oval frame can work to de-emphasize round features. Conversely, rounded lenses add curves to a square or rectangular face. A face that is wider at the temples than at the chin can be balanced by glasses with wider upper frames, creating a horizontal line at the brow. Certain styles lend themselves to certain types of faces. For example, aviator glasses with their convex lines are perfect for oval or triangular shaped faces where they balance longer, straight lines. Sleek cat eye glasses can add horizontal dimensions to a wide face, or balance a round face.

Express Glasses makes buying the right glasses affordable and easy

Choice and convenience will draw you to Express Glasses, and affordable prices will keep you coming back. Need glasses quick? No problem! Along with being able to choose from a selection of cheap glasses to suit any type of face shape, you'll appreciate quick, one-day delivery. If your order totals more than 50 dollars, shipping is free. At Express Glasses, you can solve all your eyeglass needs quickly. With prices this low, you can afford spare pairs of eyeglasses, too!

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