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5 Reasons to Choose Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses have a loyal following, accounting for around 15 percent of frames sold in the USA every year. They have been around since the early 19th century, and have risen and fallen in popularity ever since. Right now, rimless frames are becoming ubiquitous again, and here are some of the reasons why.


Rimless Frames Are A Comfortable, Practical and Attractive Option

1. They're Comfortable to Wear

Because they don't require a frame, rimless glasses tend to be much lighter than other types of eyeglasses, meaning you can wear them for longer periods without feeling uncomfortable. 

2. They Don't Obscure Your Facial Features

Another positive aspect of rimless eyeglasses is that they expose more of the face and are less obvious. For some people, wearing glasses is an inconvenience and an aesthetic problem. If you need to wear glasses but you don't want them to be the centerpiece of your face, rimless models might be just what you need. 

3. Rimless Eyeglasses Provide a Wide Field of Vision

There are also major practical benefits for your vision. Traditional frames can sometimes interfere with your peripheral vision, but with rimless frames this isn't an issue. Instead, you'll have a free field of vision, unencumbered by the metal or plastic of a normal frame.

4. They Look Professional

For other people, the rimless look is just what they are looking for. It's a popular style with everyone from executives and tech entrepreneurs to academics, and can help to communicate an intelligent and confident persona. 

5. They're Strong and Resilient

Finally, modern rimless designs are much stronger and more flexible than in the past. Previously, one of their biggest drawbacks was the fragility of their glass lenses, but this is less of a worry nowadays. Through the use of advanced plastics, they can withstand impressive amounts of pressure without shattering. 

Whether you choose to go for rimless, semi-rimless or traditional frames mainly depends upon what you feel comfortable wearing. After all, you will be relying on your glasses for everyday activities, so you need to feel happy with your selection. At Express Glasses, you can find every variety of frames. Delivery is free on orders over $50, so why not go for rimless and traditional pairs of glasses and have both options available ?

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